Jahresbericht 2017/2018 online


Required documents

1. Letter of application (cover letter and curriculum vitae),

2. Completed application form „Antrag auf Zulassung zum Studium“ (only in German),

3. Proof of a higher education entrance qualification,

4. Proof of a successfully completed undergraduate law degree at a foreign university, which is comparable and equivalent to the German law degree (please demonstrate, for example by submitting a certificate with the final overall grade or with individual grades, that you have achieved an above-average exam result; the master’s degree is not easy and can only be completed successfully, if you already ranked among the best students at your home university),

5. Proof of the appropriate level of knowledge of the German language (this can be proven by a language certificate from the University of Augsburg, by a DSH-Exam passed at another German university or by a language examination of the Goethe Institute or another recognized institution with a comparable level; please click here for further information about the topic “German language knowledge” (only in German).

All certificates must be submitted as officially certified copies or attested copies and, if the certificates are not issued in German or English, submitted with the translation of a sworn interpreter or rather translator (also as an officially certified copy).

Please consider that applications for the winter semester must be submitted at the law faculty of the University of Augsburg by July 15, and for the summer semester by January 15 of the respective year.

Questions and applications concerning the LL.M. program should be addressed to the

Dean of the law faculty of the University of Augsburg
Universitätsstr. 24
D-86159 Augsburg
Tel. No. +49 821 598 – 4500

Admission to the master’s program is decided upon by the master’s examination board of the law faculty.