LL.M. Program

Structure of the LL.M. Program

The LL.M. Program in International Economic Law is laid out to be completed within two semesters. It is possible to start the program both in the winter and in the summer semester.

Students must attend courses from two modules. The first module aims at providing the necessary basics, whereas the second module complements and deepens the first. Courses from both modules however are to be attended in each semester.

Module I

In Module I, students must attend courses of 10 weekly credit hours (SWS) per semester. These courses comprise the field of International Law.

Module II

The second module consists of national German Economic Law and International and International and European Economic Law. Students must attend courses with a total of at least 20 weekly credit hours (SWS) per semester in this module. At least 10 credit hours (SWS) per week must be selected from the field of International and European Economic Law.

The various courses offered at the Faculty of Law in the area of German, European and International Economic Law allow every participant of the LL.M. program to customize their studies individually.

A list of all courses can be found in the study program.

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