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LL.M. Programs

LL.M. in German Law (Magisterstudiengang für im Ausland Graduierte)

The LL.M. Program in German Law offers foreign graduate law students an outstanding opportunity to learn the basics of German law. The Master’s Program provides students with an understanding of German civil, criminal and public law and deepens their knowledge in selected areas of German, European or international law. During the Master’s Program which lasts for two semesters, students attend a minimum of 5 lectures and write their Master’s thesis under supervision of one the law professors of the Faculty. In order to be eligible to graduate from the Program, students also need to pass a final exam. The Program is taught entirely in German.

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LL.M. in International Economic Law (Aufbaustudium im Recht der Internationalen Wirtschaft (LL.M.))

The LL.M. Program in International Economic Law provides German graduates and international law students with an excellent opportunity to advance their understanding of German, European and international economic Law. Master’s students can attend advanced courses in areas such as banking law, company law, tax law, labour law or IP law. The Master’s Program lasts for two semesters and involves attending classes as well as writing a Master’s thesis under supervision of one the law professors of the Faculty. The Master’s Program is taught in English and German, but advanced knowledge (C1) of the German language is required for admission.

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LL.M Intellectual Property and Competition Law

The Law Faculty of the University of Augsburg offers in frames of Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC) a one year long LL.M. Program Intellectual Property and Competition Law. Using a wide range of modules, the Program comprehensively covers all aspects of European and international law with regard to intellectual property and competition law. Students are assisted by means of an individual tutoring program and are supervised during their work on their Master's thesis. The Program is taught entirely in English. To learn more visit http://www.miplc.de or write to miplc@jura.uni-augsburg.de.